Sunday, July 25, 2010


I type this as I dance like a crazy rhythmless white girl listening to my Daddy Yankee Pandora station. I know the Zumba craze is old and I am as usual behind the times, but I must post about how awesome it is.

You enter a room full of all ages, races and sizes dressed in baggy t shirts and sneaks with glitter 'jangle' belts wrapped around their waists. In all honesty, you expect very little from these women and then the music starts. Bitches be crazy! Welcome to the most insane and fun hour of fitness you can get in the burbs. Not only is the music great and the dances moves super fun, but these completely unsuspecting ladies can completely rock it. Don't get me wrong, there were one or two tripping and running in the walls, but for the most part it is a dance party and everyone knows the moves. Its the closest I'll ever get to being in a Bollywood movie. I have taken plenty of jazzercise and step aerobics, but this was the first time that I actually felt happy and good about moving. Seeing this housewives, students and bus drivers totally and completely breaking it down gives me hope that maybe I too can dance one day.

So thank you Zumba. And for those of you who haven't tried this craze, DO! It is too fun!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

blog FAIL. again.

ello blogiverse.

so, I really am just terrible at blogging, but I do love to do it when I have a chance. maybe, I shouldn't be a write, but maybe its just not my season in life.

I have been doing ca-razy amounts of grad school work, which is not in the least bit challenging, but is completely exhausting. Hello busy work! At least I have a partner in crime to do so with. This past week Becca and I have been spending a lot of time in the Decatur libaray and it is a miracle we haven't been kicked out yet. I had a complete ridiculous uncontrollable fit of giggles almost as bad as the medieval dance mania known as tarantism. There was a stage four sigher sitting near us and he was not one bit amused with us (or life in general). But, at least these things keep all of this summer work from being completely miserable and tedious.

so, how have I been doing on those resolutions I set? ehhh..

I cannot play the harmonica. I have blues, but no rhy
thm. C'est la vie.
My room is still cleanish and I am actually redecorating.
Bike for Books failed.
Relay for Life was great! :)
My 'prom dress' was fugly, but the students loved the evening that we put together.
My brothers are spending the summer in China, so no visiting them. :(
I did however, rock a fun swimsuit on a fantabulous vacation with Becca and Luke.

So yea.. let's see the rest of the summer goes....

Also, I have a new addiction.. WHYNATTE!!! Its deliciously addictive.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

and the Winner is...

I am Top Chef.
I won audience favorite at the chili cook off. It made me weekend. I love to cook and I love to win.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


For all you ladies out there who love bows, crochet or have a inner-hipster/indie girl, please check out this sweet Etsy Shop!

Not only does she have some ridiculously cute items for sale, but she is incredibly sweet to boot!

bada bing bada BANG

Today was another go at new.

I went to the Public Library and got my first library card. I liked it there. I may even go back and study. What a new concept, studying at a library! Can you believe I'm a librarian and I've never done that before?

Also, I have been wavering on the edge of wanting bangs for awhile. Today I broke out and did it. I think I like them, but I'm not over the shock yet to truly judge them.

Today was a loverly Saturday. I hope yours was too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


snow falls.
peacefully drifting, dreaming, swimming.
quiet now.
the rain pours down overwhelming sound.
but snow.
only the wind makes his voice known.

que fantastico

hello new year,

my blog got a makeover.
Thanks to my beautiful friend Han Chan, I am now as hip as your next blogger from the burbs.
Check out her blog YesYouMaigh! From there you can check out her super nifty Etsy shop. I may be tooting my friend horn, but she is probably the hippest person on the southside of the ATL.

I will now leave you with a cute picture of my beast, Alfie aka Schnoz aka Princess aka Cupcake. ((My bear of a pup has more names than the artist formerly known as Prince))

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.the day of the Migraine.

Last night this blasted frigid air forced me to turn on the blasted furnace which in turn blasted me with a cussin migraine.

I had the craziest and most insane dreams. I battled the Greek Gods, dueled Lord Voldemort and my head exploded. Sleep was on short-order last night and I paid dearly.

I woke up this morning feeling as though I spent the night wandering the desert looking for Jim Morrison (Wayne's World style). My mouth felt as though a sand paper factory had started up overnight and my cerebral cortex had most definitely had a jackhammer crew working full throttle.

So I did something for the first time all school year, I called my boss and claimed a sick day!

With the help of air-conditioning, a liter of water, advil, excedrin and my ever so important Holly Golightly face mask, I recovered by noon. Thank you Holly and

I finally got my emissions done on Bartholomew, though I couldn't figure out how to find the mileage gage.

I went to McDonalds to visit the parents, having forgotten that I was pulling a Jaquoin Pheonix today with my knit beret and Raybans and all-around uncleanliness. I was indeed laughed at, but I got a free coke to heal the headache that was threatening to make an encore.

I came home to find my dear sweet Alfie hanging in the kitchen and I scratched her belly to welcome her back to the family. I do hope she is allowed to stay this time or I move out in time to save her.

Now I sit in my room looking forward to the rest of the day. I hope to salvage this day with finishing the fixing of the mess that is my habitat. I will see two of my favorite Pardens later and spend time reading subtitles.

Sick days can be a good thing in the end, even if I truly hate the feeling of letting my job down. So take that crazy dreams and increasingly painful blood pressure of my brain matter, you cannot keep me down!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

estoy terrible

I am simply terrible at keeping this blog, but here goes it again.

It is a new year! a new day! a new beauty to behold!

I am simply ecstatic about this year because I am trying
to have a better outlook on life. Happiness is choice so why not choose it in this short time we have?
So resolution of the life, every day be a better versio
n of myself. Resolution of the year, be more self-serving ( we all need to take care of ourselves and we all deserve a wee bit of selfishness)
I am giving myself a bucket-esque list for the year. So let's see how it goes...

January- Play "London Bridge" on my brand new C Harp (That's a harmonica for all you non-hipsters ;) )

February- Still have a clean and organized room.

March- Make the LGHS Bike for Books a success!!

April- Rock the Relay for Life with my co-workers!

May- Buy an awesome vintage dress to chaperone prom!

June- See San Fran & spend quality time with my little brothers!

July- Rock an awesome swimsuit somewhere sunny!

August- Play some blues on my c Harp.

September- Have a rough draft of my novel complete.

October- Climb Brasstown Bald!

November- Go Dancing & not give a Cuss!

December- Spend Christmas with someone I love!