Thursday, January 7, 2010

que fantastico

hello new year,

my blog got a makeover.
Thanks to my beautiful friend Han Chan, I am now as hip as your next blogger from the burbs.
Check out her blog YesYouMaigh! From there you can check out her super nifty Etsy shop. I may be tooting my friend horn, but she is probably the hippest person on the southside of the ATL.

I will now leave you with a cute picture of my beast, Alfie aka Schnoz aka Princess aka Cupcake. ((My bear of a pup has more names than the artist formerly known as Prince))


Johanna said...

Hannah Chandler is pretty Snazzy

Jen Chandler said...

Hey girlie!

Thanks for the follows :) I love your poem about snow and the Han Chan is pretyy hip!

My cat has more names than he can keep up with. I think he's suffering from an identity crisis at the moment. You call him anything and he looks at you, dumbfounded. Then again, that could just be because he's a cat.

Happy Friday,

Elizabeth said...

It's kind of crazy how little I know about decorating in the blogosphere. Love the new look!