Sunday, June 27, 2010

blog FAIL. again.

ello blogiverse.

so, I really am just terrible at blogging, but I do love to do it when I have a chance. maybe, I shouldn't be a write, but maybe its just not my season in life.

I have been doing ca-razy amounts of grad school work, which is not in the least bit challenging, but is completely exhausting. Hello busy work! At least I have a partner in crime to do so with. This past week Becca and I have been spending a lot of time in the Decatur libaray and it is a miracle we haven't been kicked out yet. I had a complete ridiculous uncontrollable fit of giggles almost as bad as the medieval dance mania known as tarantism. There was a stage four sigher sitting near us and he was not one bit amused with us (or life in general). But, at least these things keep all of this summer work from being completely miserable and tedious.

so, how have I been doing on those resolutions I set? ehhh..

I cannot play the harmonica. I have blues, but no rhy
thm. C'est la vie.
My room is still cleanish and I am actually redecorating.
Bike for Books failed.
Relay for Life was great! :)
My 'prom dress' was fugly, but the students loved the evening that we put together.
My brothers are spending the summer in China, so no visiting them. :(
I did however, rock a fun swimsuit on a fantabulous vacation with Becca and Luke.

So yea.. let's see the rest of the summer goes....

Also, I have a new addiction.. WHYNATTE!!! Its deliciously addictive.

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Jen Chandler said...

Hey sweets! Grad school work aside, I'm glad your summer is going well.

Love the swimsuit picture! You look lovely and relaxed :)