Saturday, January 16, 2010

bada bing bada BANG

Today was another go at new.

I went to the Public Library and got my first library card. I liked it there. I may even go back and study. What a new concept, studying at a library! Can you believe I'm a librarian and I've never done that before?

Also, I have been wavering on the edge of wanting bangs for awhile. Today I broke out and did it. I think I like them, but I'm not over the shock yet to truly judge them.

Today was a loverly Saturday. I hope yours was too!


Jen Chandler said...

Hooray for bangs! I've had them, grown them out, have them again and I must say for me, bangs are the way to go! I'm sure yours look fab :)


:my word verification is "poodhed". Don't know why but that made me laugh.

farris said...

that is a fantastic word verification.

i still feel like I'm staring at a stranger in the mirror. :)