Monday, January 4, 2010

estoy terrible

I am simply terrible at keeping this blog, but here goes it again.

It is a new year! a new day! a new beauty to behold!

I am simply ecstatic about this year because I am trying
to have a better outlook on life. Happiness is choice so why not choose it in this short time we have?
So resolution of the life, every day be a better versio
n of myself. Resolution of the year, be more self-serving ( we all need to take care of ourselves and we all deserve a wee bit of selfishness)
I am giving myself a bucket-esque list for the year. So let's see how it goes...

January- Play "London Bridge" on my brand new C Harp (That's a harmonica for all you non-hipsters ;) )

February- Still have a clean and organized room.

March- Make the LGHS Bike for Books a success!!

April- Rock the Relay for Life with my co-workers!

May- Buy an awesome vintage dress to chaperone prom!

June- See San Fran & spend quality time with my little brothers!

July- Rock an awesome swimsuit somewhere sunny!

August- Play some blues on my c Harp.

September- Have a rough draft of my novel complete.

October- Climb Brasstown Bald!

November- Go Dancing & not give a Cuss!

December- Spend Christmas with someone I love!

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